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Looking for dating info about northern Russia or/and southern Ukraine? "Lovetopping" is the top largest, busiest Russian, Ukraine’s, East European info, discussion forum on the web space! If you’re interested in northern Russia, southern Ukraine, East Europe or/and the former USSR, this’s the place for you. At "Lovetopping" you may discuss anything from Russian, Ukraine’s culture, language, history, politics, geography, visas, journey right thru to cross-cultural close relationships. You may enjoy lively discussion, spirited debate all about something, anything Russian, Ukraine’s, former East Bloc. You may learn the reality, all about the possible pitfalls, ultimate rewards which await the travellers who’re prepared to stride behind what was one time the Iron Curtan. Here at "Lovetopping" you may discover the actual reality all about northern Russia, southern Ukraine, the former USSR countries of the world, the persons; not simply the edited or/and propagandised version the west media would have you believe. Our own subscription is diverse. We’ve curious americans, expats, locals, persons who’ve moved to the ex Soviet Union from the west, persons who’ve moved from the west to the ex Soviet Union. We’ve political analysts, media pundits, writers, journalists. We’ve primary speakers of almost all ex Soviet Union languages. If you’re interested in the former USSR, this’s where you wish to be. Please feel free to look around our own website, browse our own community "Lovetopping", chat with residents of, travellers to northern Russia, southern Ukraine, Bielarus, Lithuania, Moldova, other former USSR countries of the world.

We’ve some ex Soviet Union born persons who regularly participate in our own "Lovetopping", many relocated, many who live in northern Russia, southern Ukraine, somewhere. Impartial Russian or/and Ukraine’s view may occasionally be invaluable asset if you’ve question you wish to ask Russian lady. It’ll good benefit you to take a second to register as client of our own forums. This costs you nothing, gives you access to almost all our own posted photos, the former USSR Image Galleries, our own Personal Journey Reports area. One time you’ve made some posts, you’ll see extra client rooms beyond what you see right now. You may ask personal questions on "Lovetopping" all about the repute of other agencies you’re considering using, other methods of meeting Russian, East European ladies, cultural differences, what to wait. Ask personal questions all about searching Russian wives, travelling, read journey reports, learn all about applying for visas, and more. We’ve some well-respected contributors from almost all over the wide world, we’d like you to be 1 of them. We’ve topics to help you learn Cyrillic alphabet, the Russian language, we’ve contributors who’re expats who live in the ex Soviet Union. You may get help, advice all about immigration troubles, forms, filing, position, overview of the visa action for your country territory is covered in our own ’Visa Room’. Confused all about K1, K3, FLR, ILR, AOS or/and Fiancee visas? Ask the persons here who’ve really done this themselves.

Confused all about I.m.b.r.a.? Does I.m.b.r.a. apply to your person? Do you wish to learn the inside slim on the crisis in southern Ukraine? Confused all about so called "Russian aggression"? Ask your personal questions of persons who really well know here. You may search here translators, personal interpreters too. Our own forum discussion is totally free to join, use, please regard joining to enjoy the good benefit of extra rooms, facilities, become piece of our own on-line community. The info contained in our own "Lovetopping" is almost encyclopaedic in content, enlarging almost all the enough time. We’ve much more posts, topics per month than another Russian themed info forum discussion (despite what others can claim), we’re right now the largest forum discussion of this website on the planet. Please bookmark this website, click thru to the "Lovetopping" by clicking this text. We’re glad you found us! So, we hope you enjoy "Lovetopping" Russian, Ukraine’s, East European info, "Lovetopping". You’re assured of warm, friendly welcome.




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