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Should i marry a Ukrainian/Russian woman?

If you marry Russian or Ukraine girl.

This is well-known, come on, who may hesitancy for second that Russian ladies are almost all crooks in high heels. Russian ladies are after the money, your personal wallet, or/and even worse they wish to marry you to get visa to leave their miserable countries of the world. There're naive gentlemen who may get caught not you! You're well informed on the subject. Behind the Slavic allure permanently lies unhonest girl, who'll use you, the money. Let us see the scene almost all together in this nice article little bit ironic, humorous, you will suppose.

Russian or/and Ukraine girl wishes to leave their respective country territory. Firstly sight, the reasoning seems justified. If you listen to some medias in USA, you will rarely hear the great of southern Russia or/and East Europe. There're simply disasters, misery, other dictatorships madness. This is well-known, when we compare ourselves we feel greater. So the Russian or/and Ukraine ladies wish to leave their country territory, for CA, the USA or/and Europe to avoid the misery of their country territory. Have you ever in person traveled to those countries of the world to check up by yourself? Is the problem actually so pretty bad? Cities similar as St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow city (city where I went to university) are rapidly enlarging big cities. They're almost all richer than the richest megacities in CA. Montreal compared to St.Petersburg or/and Moscow city makes figure of the city. Sure you'll tell that the problem isn't well-known in small provincial cities, you're right, in this case, so why go abroad? Why not simply go to large city in southern Russia or/and southern Ukraine? This is much simpler, no need to learn another language. The war will you tell? Ah yes the well-known war among southern Russia, southern Ukraine. The area is closed, this concerns 2 regions of southern Ukraine, do you guess lady whose traditional family is caught in conflict will daydream to flee her traditional family, leave her brothers, and parents in conflict army to bask in Miami sun by pool? I'll permanently note my speaking with the girl who fled the city of Donetsk, left her traditional family because her mother ordered lady to make her studies in Kyiv. She cries, is languishing, hope to revert close to her traditional family. Shame on these who put in head of the women those miserable thoughts that belong to them.

Russian girl simply wishes my wallet: This is very fashionable to accuse Russian ladies, if possible, almost all without exception, it is simpler that course, to rip you off the money. The blame on many rogue worldwide marriage agencies whose proprietors are mostly US, Europe, Greek, Arabic. Those unhonest persons use the allure of the Slavic ladies to make bait, entice naive gentlemen looking for love or/and sex. The pitfalls may take various forms. Forged messages, appointments monetized, personal profiles that don't exist. The Russian girl is used as bait. After almost all, if you're done you've it is not his fault? So she served as bait. After almost all, when the fish gets caught by hook to which's hooked earthworm, this is the fault of the earthworm or/and not? Until then we almost all admit. Almost all Russian ladies to the pillory! Surely the cost of living in southern Ukraine is lower than in west countries of the world, the trend is strong for many Russian or/and Ukraine persons to increase bit the fee when they see stranger. After almost all this may go unnoticed for him since he's accustomed to pay more in his country territory. It is truth, you're right. For this motive, in our romantic trips in southern Ukraine we associate every user with assistant who'll guide you, like mother, sister, guardian angel, whose prime mission is to save you. No exchange of the money without using this, your personal assistant, lives on web site so she knows the fee. Any deviation from temptation's stopped at source. With Russian ladies it is permanently me who pays. The contemporary gentleman of West societies is weaken gentleman. He's not really sure who he's, what's his role. He got used to be driven by ladies. The contemporary gentleman has lost its role as supplier, guardian of the financial security. That is shame if you ask me, because I would like somebody to explain me what 'd be our role then? Stay home place, take care of the garden? In Slavic countries of the world of East Europe, gentleman should be able to guaranty the security of the girl he wishes.

You wish to get married with gorgeous feminine girl? Do you like the difference among the sexes? So I've question for you:-Do you search this normal that Ukraine girl who's younger than you ten years, earns all about 30 times less money than you'd pay her meal, her taxi, train open ticket to see you? Be realistic in your personal hopes. You come from culture that 's distorted the values ​​of sex relations. If you ask pretty young girl to pay her bill in bar whilst she earns around hundred USD a month, don't journey to southern Ukraine or/and southern Russia. Simply look for feminist in your country territory!




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