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How to find a woman to marry?

Maybe the title of this post must be 'the choice is yours'. I guess there're large differences in the date, mating selection game in the United States, UK, East Europe. Differences so huge you might sail ship though them. The culture is other. Some, if not almost all, of my US friends that married US ladies aren't happy. They're simply awaiting for the honeyed kiss of death to set them absolutely free. Why?

In contrast, my friends that married to women from Poland or/and western Russia are universally happy. Why? In countries of the world like Poland, western Ukraine, Russian women take their boyfriend's arm, let them lead. Very important disclaimer: this's not all about each US, West Europe ladies. This's not all about each Russian ladies or/and East European ladies. Anyhow, the cultures of those 2 societies have produced other views on ladies towards real life, marriage. Why am I typing this? Well because myself, basically each US guy who's or/and was single, tried with sincere intensions to date US lady, found themselves surprised at childish, flakey games that 're played. I wish to point out cultural differences that maybe made this occur. I wish to help many US guys who're thinking this's the course it's to be, realize in real life you permanently have choice. This doesn't have to go like that. You don't have to wait for the honeyed kiss of death to set you absolutely free. You don't have to give your personal house, half your personal some money to somebody you despise. You may live happily each after with your personal princess. East European women compared to West Europe, US women. East European women are straight they wish to get married, search their loved husband or/and what's the point of date. US women oftentimes date much more for ego gratification, have cool boyfriend whilst they get the careers going. When they get the careers going, entrenched habits, then they search loved husband for them to have their kid with. Not lover boy they've been date, somebody who's some money. In contrast, East European ladies are looking for their only one. Lets look at many of the cultural differences among US, East European women for marriage.

US woman for marriage. Note this's not everyone.

There's no course you may generalize. ReneDescart said each generalization is distortion of the reality. On other hand I guess if you're guy looking to get married, perhaps you not regard the lady next door the whole wide world like East, central Europe women. Here's what you could get if you decide on date ladies for love, marriage from USA, how the world's culture 's changed: Less than healthful weight for their frames, bone structure.


-Tattoo rich skin.

-Short hair.

-May not dance.

-Doesn't well know speak overseas language. Little or/and no intellectual curiosity

-Piercings in odd parts of the bodies.

- I've oftentimes tried to get into intelligent communication all about something, they simply shut down.

This's actually real sore point for me. Don't play the violin or/and another musical instrument at any actually real rate. May not locate a lot of Europe or/and Asian countries of the world besides the UK or/and France on map. Having grande latte at Starbucks is regular, should or/and they're grumpy.

Dominant. When are US women going to realize being submissive is hot not dominant. Dominant is weakness for persons who need to control. Having pets alternatively of traditional family (if you're their boyfriend should simply love their cat). Puts job career as prerogative alternatively of traditional family in their 20s. Puts her girlfriends alternatively of her boyfriend, fiance or/and loved husband in terms of trust. Has troubles with a lady childhood traditional family usually lady's father. Yet insists on keeping her father's traditional family name if married or/and hyphen-ing this. Tries to impress with their resume or/and accomplishments alternatively of knowing how to cook, taking care of traditional family.

Multi partners, boyfriends simultaneously. Are those ladies?

Communicate all about their past close relationships to your person like you're old good friend, even mentioning almost all the things exboyfriends did to impress, usually involving costly trips, gifts. Tell you "I 've never done it before" when in almost all possibility they've done this almost all the enough time. Have varied forms of 'protection' in the purse or/and dresser draw near the bed, if they meet random pretty waiter or/and guy from club. When they meet you in the broad daylight at coffee shop for date to the museum after chatting on "Interbrides" for month, ask you, 'how do I well know you're not dangerous freak? ' Whilst that same lady who was totally drunk at two am last Saturday night leaves disco with strange macho looking the guy to goes back to his flat for boomboom. And the next day she'll explain this to her girlfriends as anything that 'just happened'. Have no style, don't even well know they've no style. USA isn't the style capital of the wide world despite the inordinate amount of some money ladies spend at stores like the Gap. Women see cooking (expression of love) as demeaning or/and for especial occasions. They'll do each nasty thing with guys almost all over town, those same women guess cooking, honeyed innocent expression of love. Feminists 've twisted innocent expressions of the love, like cooking, so much that some persons are confused. Let me give you hint, real love is anything that's not written all about under 'tips for bedroom' in Cosmo as much as giving your personal enough time, patience everyday to somebody you care all about, like cooking. US women wish rich guy to marry. They wish guy who works 4 hours day, may surprise them with costly weekend trips. I believe like Beatles "song says" money cannot buy you love'. Thinking rich guy is great catch. Let me give you part of advise, well paid needed job is very over rated. Spend lots of some money on things.

When are West women going to stop believing stuff they see on television, start realizing that a lot of very important needed job in the wide world is to make your personal traditional family happy, raising happy kids, making your personal loved husband happy? Why is this that feminists try to sell the ridiculous lie that this is much more very important pleasing, severing your personal boss (master) than the man you marry, promise their real life to in front of God, others. Work to US women are much more very important than their partner in real life (your personal loved husband) or/and spending enough time with your own kids. Kids need their mommy not many day care specialist, whilst mommy's bending over backwards for the boss at work. Ladies oftentimes put much more energy into the bosses demands than the wishes of their kids, loved husband. I guess ladies are equal, have no trouble with careers, job career is nothing compared to love, traditional family. I'm hundred percent gentleman I'll not put something previously my traditional family. I'll not put ego, feeling great all about myself, so the need to be right, and the need to confirm myself, to be VIP job career guy previously making sure my traditional family has enough already love, enough time with me. Sure I've to work, traditional family first. Right now lets look at East European ladies, who I suggest for to any US guy who's looking to get have happy real life. Ladies moderate themselves in East Europe, remain thin.

East European women for marriage






-Intellectually curious.

-May dance.

-You come first.

-Try to search 1 gentleman, mate for real life.

-Speak some languages.

-Take pride in taking care of traditional family.


-Will stay with you.

-Have, interest in music, play musical instrument.

-Willn't communicate all about you to friends in negative course.

-Easy going.

On other hand, if you're guy who likes those cultural characteristic of US women listed above, then they're for you. This's not any judgement, rather simply laying out the differences, you prefer which culture you'd rather marry in. I suggest considering not marrying the lady next door, going for East European lady for marriage as in my special experience they'll carry you happiness. So why get married if you're not going to play to achieve, go for your personal daydream.




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