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East European girls, Common Myths

One) We'll do it something to emigrate. If you guess that we are about to jump in box, get shipped from Hungary to NY for opportunity at better life' guess twice. Though some of us love to journey, search the Number One place for special realization, we oftentimes may search that in our own countries of the world, thank you very much.

Two) We're cold, emotionless.

The farther east you may go, crossing the Slowakian border, entering into the Balcans, the much more unpredictable, sincere emotion you will a lot of likely witness. We can slap you then tell that we love you within five minutes; at least you will permanently well know how we feel.

Three) We cannot function without gentleman. Hate to disappoint you boys, we get shit done.

Historically, East European girls 'd get up previously dawn to prepare breakfast for the traditional family, clean the house-us contemporary girls wake up at sunrise to hit gym, catch up on personal e-mail, head out to be total boss at work. We sometimes chop wood, too.

Four) We're almost all blonde, slim, obsessed with our looks. All about half of us are naturally blonde, blue eyes are not so easy to come by. Even our rock stars of the fashion wide world, Nataly Vodyanova, Petra Nemcowa, Mylla Jowovich defy this supposed norm. ' In common, we love to experiment with our looks are not any much more concerned all about them than the ordinary West lady.

Five) We wear clownish amount of the makeup. Are you picturing absurdly dark smoky eye with the blue eye shadow, red lipstick? No course. A lot of us stick to elementary mascara, little blush, lip balm. We have taken lesson or/and 2 from Nina Dobrew, the pretty actress of hundred percent Bulgary heritage.

Six) We are almost all gold-diggers. I hate to break this to your person, looking for rich loved husband has nothing to do with the culture-ahem, Anna Nikole Smith. As East European lady, I have dated much more than 1 guy who have had less some money than me, (1 even living in mom's attic during the 08 crisis), so do not be hasty to equate national origin, special values.

Seven) We turn into grandmother's one time we hit fifty. Quick Google search of "Russian girls" pulls gems like that up: "Russian girls go from impossibly pretty hot supermodels" to shriveled-up crones over absurdly short duration of enough time." Are you kidding me? With amount of exercise, nutritional care that a lot of us put in, a lot of us age cute darned gracefully. My grandmother is 68, weighs exactly the selfsame 120 lbs that she'd 21 years ago.

Eight) We've zero understanding. How some East European girls does this take to replace light bulb? 2, really. 1 to get down to the mechanics, another 1 to let you well know what ignorant assh-le you're for even asking. We have got ton of sensible girls, from Brainpickings founder Marya Popova, to Jaanyka Merilo, the adviser to the Ukraine's Minister of Economic Improvement, Romanian Anna Aslan, the biologist heading Geriatric Institute.

Nine) We have never worked day in our lives. I 't frustrated when persons ask me how I afford to journey or/and have nice things. "Do you've rich parents? Boyfriend? 'Sponsor'? " Like a lot of my girlfriends, I work a LOT, that is the course I afford to take journey to LA for week or/and spend two weeks in Istanbul.


We are wishing to suffer for the fashion. Long gone're the days when we wore stilettos for no motive. It is sports brands like Nike, Converce that rule right now, coupled with good ballet flats. Sky-high heels come out for especial occasions (like when Brad Pit comes thru town).




162 cm

49 kg

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